Three years ago today I gave birth to the sweetest tiny human in the world. Being a mom was terrifying at first, mostly because I was very young, doing it all on my own, and she was a very sick baby for the first year of her life - she had a heart defect that thankfully corrected itself while being in the NICU, among other complications - but I can honestly say that motherhood is the greatest thing to ever happen to me, and I’m thankful for every day that I have her in my life. There’s nothing like her laugh and smile and morning cuddles and seeing her learn, and I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything. Time really does fly by once you have a little one and I can’t believe that my baby is already three. Happy birthday to Emma Renée! :’) 

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    She is such a beautiful little girl and you are a very brave young lady. Congrats to the both of you and I wish you many...
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    my mom is a NICU nurse and she constantly is worried how the babies turn out after they leave, so its great to know at...
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